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Antique & Collectible Autos Inc. was started as "Specialty Fiberglass Inc." in 1978 to manufacture Corvette replacement body panels and to serve the fiberglass needs of local industry.

Specialty Fiberglass Inc. has done outstanding fiberglass projects for the National Football League, Fisher-Price Toys, local universities and colleges, the theater industry, Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, as well as producing their own line of fiberglass swimming pools, pro-modified dragster bodies and nostalgic reproductions of gas pumps, Coca Cola coolers, car front and rear end as wall hangers, bar fronts and seating units. Specialty Fiberglass Inc., has also made fiberglass bodies for other companies whose models were not related to our present line-up.

Our fiberglass staff has been on board for an average of 15 years per person, with the longest being with us for 27 years. These technicians take pride in their work and produce the best fiberglass bodies in the industry. Our vast experience has brought our skill levels to their highest peak with over 4000 bodies built to date.

We have been in our 15,000 square foot Dole street location since 1985 which is fully owned by us, therefore not leased or rented and we have recently purchased additional property from the City of Buffalo for future expansion. All bodies and frames are produced at this location.

We currently have the largest collection of reproductions in the industry (15) models with 2 more models coming forth in the new year, producing stability in the company by not just relying on one model.

Customer service is never more than a phone call away. Our technical experts will gladly help you with your questions. 

Antique & Collectible Autos is big enough to satisfy all the needs that you may desire for your car, but small enough to give you personal service. References are available from satisfied customers around the country.

Antique & Collectible Autos welcomes visitors from all parts of the world to view our outstanding reproductions. We have had visitors from Australia, Far East, Western Europe and the Middle East which is in conjunction with our overseas operations.

A great business opportunity lies with Antique & Collectible Autos because of the ease of assembly and high resale value. A car may be bought, put together in a short period of time and resold for a profit. Fully assembled Antique & Collectible Auto's Cobras bring an average sale price between $39,500.00 to $60,000.00. Many customers leisurely enjoy building and driving our car for eventual resale as a hobby or business venture.

Our toll free number 1-800-245-1310 allows you to place an order and also allows tech support while you are building your reproduction.

Exclusive 45 day return privilege.

Our exclusive quick start program allows you to start your project with minimal dollars invested, usually about 1/3 the cost of a complete package. The frame and necessary components for building a rolling chassis are the first shipment which usually can be shipped in 5-10 business days. The quick start program allows for smaller work area with no need to put components into storage until needed.

Antique & Collectible Autos Inc. is dedicated to providing you with the best products and service for today’s auto enthusiast.



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