34/35 Chevy Standard









BODY $7,495.00

34-body.jpgHand-crafted fiberglass laminate featuring: hand laid layers of fiberglass, durable gelcoat surface and inner core, providing high strength and superior surface quality. All high stress areas are reinforced with heavy woven roving [woven strands of fiberglass at 90 degrees, used in most boat manufacturing] providing the strongest most durable body in the industry.

No fiberglassing required: all inner components, floor, firewall, trunk liners and door liners are pre-glassed and bonded in place. Doors and trunk liners are bonded together in the molds with custom fixtures for precise and accurate placement.

Door frames and dash are supported with hardwood and plywood inner structure for stability and solid mounting of hinges and latches.

Trunk hinge pivots are steel reinforced, precisely located and fiberglassed in place.

Doors and trunk lid come hinged to the body using taped sandwich plates behind inner liners for strength and adjustablity.

Top is chopped 3" from original height.

Doors are latched with bear claw rotary safety latches and come in either suicide or rear opening doors.

We mold our own bodies, to exact outer dimensions using original specifications, utilizing our 30 years experience in the fiberglass industry. Our bodies are so well aligned that we remove all flash lines [lines formed from seams in multiple piece molds] from the gelcoat surface. All fiberglass components go through our 12 point total cure process, insuring no post cure, and are inspected at each step of production. Every component is machined buffed to insure that the surface is even, flat and shiny.

These features combine to give our customers with the highest quality body and ease of assembly.


Including main body, doors hung and latched, trunk lid hung, floor, tunnel cover, dashboard, garnish moldings and firewall.


Body Options

35-fenders.gif Fender Running Board Package
Including front fenders, rear fenders, running boards and rear panel. 
  Inside Steel Package
Front and rear hoops with steering column support. 

tubs.gif Pro-Street Wheel Well Tubs Installed
Fiberglass wheel tubs added to body matching pro-street frame.
35-grill-shell.gif  35-grill-w-insert.gif
Grill Shell Only

Grill Shell with Insert


Fiberglass 3 Piece Hood

  Steel Hood
Style and price upon request

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Stock Original Style Frame

  • 35-frame.gifFrame rails are reproduced from original design and mig and tig welded for superior strength and durability. 
  • 107" wheel base
  • Main rails fabricated from 10 gauge cold finished mild steel
  • Cross section of main rail at it’s tallest point is 6" x 1 7/8"
  • All frame rails are plasma cut to eliminate warpage and to assure uniformity from rail to rail
  • All holes in frame rails are precisely located and predrilled with a custom fixture
  • Frame is cross-braced with K member formed from 10 gauge mild steel 
  • k member is designed for ease of routing exhaust, brake lines and fuel lines
  • Frame rails in front and rear of K member are boxed for added strength and appearance
  • All blind holes in frame rails for attaching body components have nuts welded in place for ease of assembly
  • Front cross member is setup for stock or tubular Mustang II front suspension and is formed from 3/16" cold finished mild steel with all mounting point for upper and lower control arms and rack and pinion steering precisely located with custom fixtures
  • Front strut mounting brackets are made from 5/16" cold finished mild steel with a 1/4" gusset for added strength (not used with tubular control arms)Rear cross member is constructed from 2" x 2" square tubing with 1 ¼" diameter threaded bar stock for mounting of coilover shocks

Pro-Street Frame

  • 35-pro-frame.gifStock Style frame that has narrowed rear frame rails ready to accept 5 link rear suspension and tubed body. 

Tube Frame Pro-Street or Stock

  • tube_chassis.jpgMade from heavy wall rectangular tubing, stock or narrowed rear frame ready to accept rear suspension and body.

Triangulated Rear Suspension


used on Stock Frames

  • tri-sus.gifTriangulated four link arms setup for coilover shocks.
  • Each four link arm has a single adjuster for fine tuning rear end location and adjusting of pinion angle.
  • Link arms are made from 1" diameter .156" heavy wall D.O.M. tubing with urethane bushings and a inner sleeve to accept 9/16" bolts.
  • All mounting brackets for attachment to frame and rear end housing are provided.

Pro-Street Rear Suspension

  • pro-rear.gifParallel four link with the addition of a panhard bar setup for coilover shocks.
  • Each four link arm has a single adjuster for fine tuning rear end location and adjusting of pinion angle.
  • Link arms are made from 1" diameter .156" heavy wall D.O.M. tubing with urethane bushings and an inner sleeve to accept 9/16" bolts.
  • All mounting brackets for attachment to frame and rear end housing are provided.

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shocks.gif Rear Coil-Over Shocks
Fully adjustable shocks with matching spring rates.
motor_mounts.jpg Motor Mounts
Steel mounts that weld in place and are matched to your motor style and type.


Brake Pedal and Master Cylinder Bracket
Attaches to frame member and uses a 3/4" oil impregnated bronze bushing as a pivot for the pedal arm. A 3/8" self aligning rod end is used to actuate the master cylinder. 

Master Cylinder add $85.00

Power Booster add $125.00

34-glass.gif Window Glass
Pre-Cut laminated safety glass for doors, windshield and rear windows.


Power Window Regulators
Complete system for electronically raising and lowering door glass includes wiring and switches.

Installed with glass purchase add $295.00 

heater.gif Heater / Defroster
Small unit that easily fits up behind dashboard.

34-headlights.gif Headlights 7" Chrome

Steel gas Tank

Stainless Steel


Radiator -Pricing Upon Request


wiring_harness.jpg Wiring Harness
American autowire series 22, including fan and horn relays, ignition, headlight and dimmer switch, mega fuse, labeled and color coded wiring, and much more.


Radiator support



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Rolling Chassis

Following equipment installed on our frame:

  • 35-stock-rc.gifFrame
  • Rear link arm set up
  • Rear coil over shocks
  • Front upper and lower tubular control arms
  • Manual rack and pinion steering with tie rod ends and bushings
  • Mustang II spindles and brake brackets
  • Mustang II 11" 5 lug rotors, bearings seals
  • Front calipers and pads
  • Front coil over shocks
  • 9" Ford rear housing with axles, bearings and seals
  • Non POSI 9" center section
  • 11" rear disc brakes and loaded backing plates
  • Brake pedal assembly and master cylinder 

*Above parts only (not installed), deduct $500.00

Stock Original Style Frame


Stock Tube Frame


Pro-Street Original Style Frame


Pro-Street Tube Frame


Rolling Chassis Options / Upgrades

Black Powder Coating on Frame and Rear Housing - Only available with rolling chassis or customer pickup add $850.00
Rubber Brake Hoses, Steel Brake Lines, Brake Brackets, Line Clamps, Residual Pressure Valves  
and Adjustable Proportioning Valves Installed  add $425.00
POSI Rear add $500.00
Power Steering add $150.00
Power Brakes add $125.00

Wilwood brakes

wilwood disc brake (1).jpg

add $1,195.00
Straight Front Axle (below)


Pricing upon request

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** Custom Options Also Available **


Turnkeys: Cars that are completely built to your specifications, pricing upon request.



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