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The 67 Roadster was not an expensive car, about $7,900, in relation to its performance, but it had extraordinarily high power - to - weight ratio and its nimble circuit handling could blow far more exotic and expensive cars into the weeds.

There were 260 67 Roadster coil-spring street cars built and 348 total. The 67 Roadster was last advertised for sale in the USA in August of 1968.

Growing environmental protection and safety legislation would have changed the 67 Roadster beyond recognition, so it was decided to stop production.

We at Antique & Collectable Autos have tried to reproduce the features of the original 67 Roadster in our modern version of this great classic. Our attention to detail and coil-over suspension make this affordable reproduction a great driving and building experience.



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Hand-crafted fiberglass laminate; featuring hand laid layers of fiberglass on a gelcoated surface and an inner core, providing high strength and superior surface quality. All high stress areas are reinforced with heavy woven roving, providing the strongest most durable and stable body in the industry.

There is no fiberglassing required, all inner liners and components, floor, fire wall, rear bulkhead, front wheel wells, doors hood and trunk liners are fiberglassed in the molds with custom fixtures for precise and accurate placement. Our doors, hood, and trunk utilize a full inner system for strength and rigidity with a smooth finished look.

Hood and trunk come installed on the body using tapped sandwich plates behind their inner liners for strength and adjustability and steel reinforced pivots precisely located and fiberglassed in place.

Doors have steel inner structures for personal protection. Also placed in the body is our steel cowl hoop with floor to frame mounting plates and welded on brackets for the windshield, door hinges, fire wall and steering column.

Holes are pre-cut in the body for doors, headlights, front and rear directionals, gas cap, radiator, oil cooler, front brake air intake, side louvers, hood scoop and overrider frame bracket on trunk floor.

We mold our own bodies to exact outer dimensions (no stretched wheelbase) using original specifications, utilizing our 30 years experience in the fiberglass industry. Our vast experience allows us to offer bodies in Kevlar and Kevlar Carbon Fiber. All painter bodies are molded and aligned so well that we remove all flash lines (lines formed from seams in molds) from the gelcoat surface. All fiberglass components go through our 12 step total cure process. Every component is hand-buffed to insure that the surface is even, flat and shiny.

Our optional high luster gelcoat finish (no painting) has a durable, smooth, deep-molded finish in each part. The finish will retain its vibrant color and beauty for many years.

These features provide our customers with the highest quality and the shortest assembly time.

Prefabricated Steel/Metal Package

All the steel sub-assembly components for the 67 Roadster reproduction are custom fabricated from heavy gauge steel and protected with a rust preventative coating. All the standard assembly holes are pre-drilled. Saving you the time and difficulty of drilling through heavy gauge steel with expensive drill bits. All parts bolt together easily.

Hardware Package

The specialty hardware needed to assemble the 67 Roadster reproduction has been carefully selected to assure you of the correct number and type of fastener for each assembly step. All hardware is packaged individually according to size.

  • Complete bolt kit, all nuts, bolts and washers needed to assemble 67 Roadster, saving you time in locating, and money in purchasing expensive fasteners.
  • All suspension bolts are grade-8 and come with nylon lock nuts

Assembly Manual

Our 67 Roadster assembly manual is professionally written and fully illustrated and detailed, which takes you step by step through the entire building process. The manual is set up for the first time builder and we also offer a technical hot-line to assist you every step of the way.

Lights / Authentic Reproduction Including

Lucas front directional-marker lights, (4) rear end & amber tail lights (round) also headlights and license plate light.


Speedometer, tachometer, oil pressure, water temp, volt meter, fuel with all sending units.

Handle, Latches and Hinges

Complete hood, trunk and door hardware including original style hood handles.

Windshield Assembly

Original style windshield featuring:chrome plated brass frame with glass installed windshield base rubber, surround plates and all attaching hardware and brackets.

Gas Cap

Original style and design to give your car an authentic look.

Weather Stripping

Neoprene gasketing to seal doors, trunk and hood.

Interior Upholstery

The quality of your completed 67 Roadster is further enhanced by the professionally crafted interior package. You obtain professional results with no upholstery work because these components are pre-assembled and ready to install; with seat tracks and adjusters, door panels with map pockets, carpeting and padded dash. Optional leather available.


Certified welders, using custom fixtures, fabricate the frame and frame accessories - your assurance of the uniformity and squareness of the frame. All standard assembly holes are precision located and pre-drilled to the correct size, saving you time, and the difficulty of drilling structural steel as well as insuring the correct location of each assembly hole. Deburring after manufacture of the frame removes the sharp areas from the welded surfaces and rust-preventive coating protects the entire frame assembly.

  • Frame is manufactured from A-500 B 2" X 5" structural steel tube main rails with 58,000 PSI tensile and incorporating 6 full lateral cross members. 2 X 2 outrigger rails provide excellent personal protection and a strong base for the floor and seats. Suspension and mounting brackets are welded in place 1/4" steel front cross member (to which suspension is attached) is an integral part of the frame.

Motor / Tranny Mounts

Bolt in motor mounts are offered for all popular small & big block motors with our exclusive universal tranny mounts; allowing all possible engine / tranny combinations.

High Performance Suspension

Coil Cover Shocks: Allowing you to set the pace which you personally wish to follow; making your own suspension fully adjustable from an easy Sunday driver to a road course animal and back again.

9" Ford housing with axles: our rear housings come narrowed and the axles are shortened and resplined with all four link & coil over shock brackets welded in place. This eliminates the need for costly and precision modification to a standard rear housing. All you need to do is add your center section and brake parts.

Triangulated 4 link rear: assures you precise alignment of rear housing while allowing transfer of horse power and torque to rear wheels and adding cornering stability.

Tubular control arms: provide state of the art front suspension which is far superior to standard traditional Mustang stamped control arm, in conjunction with our coil over front shocks; this provides you with high-tech steering and suspension components with a truly high-performance look. Upper control arms are adjusted with shims eliminating worry about slots opening up and slipping under extreme conditions.

5 Lug Front Rotors. Converts front wheel bolt pattern from 4 to 5 lugs which match rear housing pattern of 5 on 4 1/2", no hoky 4 bolt wheel pattern which can limit size and style of wheel.








 High Luster Gelcoat  Finish 

(No painting) has a durable smooth  deep  molded               finish in each part, the finish will retain its vibrant color for many years.

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( We can match many non-metallic colors)







Leather Seats
Seating areas and door pockets are made from genuine leather, available in color of your choice.

price upon request




Side Pipes
Unpainted - steel construction, with muffler installed, ready for paint, ceramic or chrome coating

Stainless Steel - highly polished stainless with muffler installed
Price upon request


Mandrel bent tubing welded to flange plates providing precise fit available for all Ford and Chevy motors


Gas Tank with Mounting Brackets
15 gallon capacity with wedge shape to minimize view from rear of car.


Throttle Linkage
Mechanical gas linkage including pivots and foot pedal


Adjustable Rear Link Arms Upgrade

Add $150.00

 purchased separately  $395.00 






Steering Extension
Universal joints and splined shaft to connect steering column to rack and pinion





Flaming River Tilt steering Column
Plain Steel
Polished Stainless steel
 Imported Tilt Steering Columns

Black Powder Coat $460.00

Chrome $495.00

panhard_cobra.JPG  Panhard Bar
427-fan.gif Electric Radiator Fan

427-posi.gif 9" Ford POSI Rear
heater.gif Heater and Defroster


Wiper Motor Assembly

Wiper Blades & Arms


Brake And Clutch Pedal Assembly (NEW)
Complete with Corvette style manual master cylinder, pedals and brake light switch

Power booster and master cylinder
add $100.00

AC Aluminum Pedals add $100.00





Aluminum Radiator without trans cooler $495.00






Transmission cooler 15" dual pass $50.00

wiring_harness.jpg Wiring Harness
American auto wire series 22, including fan and horn relays, ignition, headlight and dimmer switch, mega fuse, labeled and color coded wiring, and much more.




11" Front Disc Brakes
Includes rotors, pads, calipers and mounting brackets.







 E-Brake Kit

Contains brackets for mounting & attaching to brake handle (Available for disc or drum brakes)


427-r-disc.gif 11" Rear Disc Brakes
Includes rotors, pads, calipers and mounting brackets.

Finishing Touches


Side Vent Louvers
Stainless Steel


Chrome Fender Mirrors
$65.00 each


Stainless Steel Roll Bar
Includes all mounting brackets


Overrider Bumpers
Set of 4 with mounting brackets


Bumper Ovals



Chrome Hand Brake




Wind Wings



Trunk Carpet


Sun Visors

 15" 9- bolt steering wheel- Wood






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Rolling Chassis

Rolling Chassis


All suspension components supplied with package installed:

  • Gas lines
  • Front brake calipers and pads
  • Front strut rods and bushings
  • Front spindles and brake brackets
  • Manual rack and pinion steering with tie rod ends and bushings
  • Non POSI 9" center section
  • 11" rear brake drums and loaded backing plates
**Does not include engine, transmission or body installation.**

*Above parts only (not installed), deduct $500.00

Rolling Chassis Options / Upgrades

Black Powder Coating on Frame and Rear Housing - Only available with rolling chassis or customer pickup add $850.00
Rubber Brake Hoses, Steel Brake Lines, Brake Brackets, Line Clamps,   
and Adjustable Proportioning Valves Installed  add $375.00
Power Rack and Pinion add $125.00
POSI Ford 9" differential add $550.00
11” Front Disc Brakes add $150.00
11” Rear Disc Brakes add $150.00

Wilwood brakes

wilwood disc brake (1).jpg

Above parts also sold separately  

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** Custom Options Also Available **


Turnkeys: Cars that are completely built to your specifications, pricing upon request.


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